To buy your new 5G mobile, better wait for the year 2021

Barcelona, March 7, 2019.- Today we can buy a 5G smartphone. However, to take full advantage of the potential of this communications technology, we still have to wait several months. The infrastructure in space, the repeating antennas on the ground, the standards for connecting the 5G chips of the mobile phone, all this requires large investments from mobile phone operators.

From phonearea confirm the delay in the 5G infrastructure worldwide: «LG and Sprint have a partnership of their own lined up to help commercial 5G technology take off as soon as possible, with semiconductor giants SamsungQualcomm, and Intel obviously busy putting the finishing touches to the high-speed modems and processors that will power the next generation of flagship mobile devices. With all that in mind, you might be expecting 5G connectivity to become the new normal in no more than a couple of years. According to fresh Digitimes Research projections, mainstream adoption will be significantly slower than we want to imagine, with a measly one million 5G-enabled “end devices” likely to reach actual customers next year».

That includes smartphones, CPE (consumer premise equipment), and Wi-Fi devices, although by 2022, phones are tipped to achieve total 5G market domination, with a 97 percent share of global shipments.  Still, even four years down the line, 5G handsets are only expected to account for 18 percent of overall smartphone shipments around the world. That’s after a forecasted 2021 boost in “large-scale” numbers, and it would merely signify one in five phones sold worldwide being equipped with 5G capabilities. The slow adoption and expansion of 5G speeds will presumably be caused by sluggish network upgrades and other limitations of an infrastructural nature, as well as the no doubt high costs associated with implementing the technology on low to mid-end devices.

Benefits or Advantages of 5G technology

Harshit Pandey, Managing Director at Gadgets360Hub:
➨Data rates of about 10 Gbps or higher can be achieved. This provides better user experience as download and upload speeds are higher. 
➨The latency of less than 1 ms can be achieved in 5G mm-wave. This leads to immediate connection establishment and releases with a 5G network by 5G smartphones. Hence traffic load is decreased on 5G base stations. 
➨Higher bandwidth can be used with the help of carrier aggregation feature. 
➨Antenna size is smaller at higher frequencies. This leads to using of massive MIMO concept to achieve higher data rates. 
➨Dynamic beamforming is employed to overcome path loss at higher frequencies. 
➨Due to improved 5G network architecture handoff is smooth and hence it does not have any effect on data transfer when the mobile user changes cells. 
➨Typically 5G offers 10x throughput, 10x decrease in latency, 10x connection density, 3x spectrum efficiency, 100x traffic capacity and 100x network efficiency.

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