BMW now working with NVIDIA to advance AI in logistics

May 2020.- BMW is prioritising intelligent logistics robots in its stated objective of using higher performance computer technology across vehicle making operations. Building on the advances it has made over the last four years with digital technology in logistics, the German company is now working with US software company NVIDIA.

Last week the two companies announced a pilot project in which BMW has equipped smart transport robots (STRs) with artificial intelligence (AI), developed on NVIDIA’s Isaac robotics software platform, which optimises material flow and planning processes.

According to BMW the robots can now identify obstacles such as forklift trucks, tugger trains and people more quickly and select alternative roots. They can also learn from the environment and apply different responses to people and objects.

The STRs are one of five AI-enabled robot solutions the carmaker is developing with NVIDIA using the Issac software platform to improve logistics processes. These include both navigation robots to transport material autonomously and robots used to select and organise parts. As first outlined in 2018, the other four are handling robots: SplitBot, PlaceBot, PickBot and SortBot (see box).

Source: Automotive Logistics