Tips to Benefit from Multi-Generations of Fleet

Barcelona, March 2, 2023.- Land transport fleets are a very important asset for the management of a supply chain. Especially if the drivers belong to several generations with different concepts of added value, productivity, talent, etc. Here are some very interesting recommendations:

According to WorkTruck:

  1. Be proactive in creating a culture of respect and collaboration. Acknowledge the strengths of each generation and find ways to incorporate them into the fleet’s operations. For example, more experienced workers can have valuable mentoring and training skills. Younger workers, on the other hand, might be more comfortable with technology and can help seasoned workers adapt to new systems and processes.
  2. Create cross-generational teams to work together on specific projects or initiatives. By bringing together workers of different ages, skills, and experience levels, these teams can benefit from a wide range of perspectives and knowledge. This approach can also help to break down barriers between generations and foster greater collaboration and understanding.
  3. Be open to learning – from anyone. Everyone has something to teach you if you are open to it. Don’t mistake age for experience.
  4. Don’t give in to stereotypes. While I’ve commented on “typical” generational traits, there are always outliers. For example, you may have your incredibly tech-savvy fleet manager who is just about to retire or the new “kid” who was a gearhead from five years old.
  5. Adjust how you communicate. Remember, some generations prefer the phone while others prefer digital communications. To get the most out of your team, adapt to the needs of your teammates. 

Information by WorkTruck

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