Nuevo vídeo AndSoft: Global TMS

Barcelona, 24 de mayo del 2023.-

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Tips to Benefit from Multi-Generations of Fleet

Barcelona, March 2, 2023.- Land transport fleets are a very important asset for the management of a supply chain. Especially if the drivers belong to several generations with different concepts of added value, productivity, talent, etc. Here are some very interesting recommendations:

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Artificial Intelligence + Transportation + Logistics = Competitiveness

Barcelona, February 28, 2023.- I read in TechNews how artificial intelligence is already transforming transport and logistics. I highlight the following keys:

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Another variable to manage: The impact of climate change on the supply chain

Barcelona, February 10, 2023.- Nature and its unforeseen variations seriously affect any transport, logistics and supply chain company. Below are the conclusions of Harvard Business on this impact:

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Keys to continuous improvement in warehouses

Barcelona, August 9, 2022.- I have read a report on the dynamics in logistics warehouses in the Supply Chain Brain magazine. The keys are interesting to read and keep in mind:

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