Is there eternal battery for smartphone, tablet and laptop?

Barcelona, December 4, 2014.- It is frustrating to see the rapid advance of computer hardware and software computing, but have to charge every 24 hours our mobile devices. A situation that will intensify with smart watches (and electric cars). As happened with those bulbs that lasted decades would be chargeable battery whose cycle load was at least weeks, not hours. Perhaps no longer seek the finest smartphone, less weight, more functional operating system. Perhaps we need not hang our professional lives of a charger handy and free electrical outlet. Is there eternal battery?.

Smarter use of batteries

I just read today in the MIT Technology Review IBM research on the reuse of batteries:

«Many of the Estimated 50 million lithium-ion laptop batteries discarded every year Could Provide Sufficient storage electricity to light homes in poor country clubs, Researchers at IBM say. In work Being aired this week at a conference in San Jose, Researchers at IBM Research India in Bangalore found That at Least 70 percent of all discarded batteries Have enough life left to power an LED light aT LEAST four hours a day for a year. While it’s possible to combine LED lights Solar with panels and rechargeable batteries (see «Innovators Under 35 : Evans Wadongo «), using discarded batteries Could make the approach far cheaper.» The most costly component in in Original systems is Often the battery, «says Vikas Chandan, a research scientist at the lab’s Smarter Energy Group, lowest led the project.» in This case, The most expensive part of your storage solution is coming from trash. «The IBM group, working with a hardware R & D firm called Radiostudio, tore open discarded laptop battery packaging and Extracted Individual storage units called cells, tested Those individualmente to pick out the good ones, and recombined them to form refurbished battery packs. Then, after adding dongles as well as charging circuitry to Prevent overheating, They Gave them to five users in Bangalore WHO Lived in slums or operated sidewalk carts. Three months later, the users Said The battery packs HAD worked well; the main request was for rat-resistant wires and brighter bulbs, says Mohit Jain, a research engineer With The group. A revised setup is now Being tested. Around 50 million laptop and desktop computers are discarded in the United States every year, According to the Environmental Protection Agency. Meanwhile, in India alone, 400 million people acerca LACK grid-connected electricity. Considering esta IBM is not as a business but says the technology offered Preferred Could Be free to poor countries».

In any case, a recognized online store selling eternal batteries for any mobile device. It will not be that difficult.


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