Coexistence with robots, at home and at work, a pending issue since 1960

Barcelona, ​​February 6, 2019.-The growth in the number of robots will be in line with the implementation of new communication and information technologies. There will be «human» labor categories that will be replaced by robots, and at the same time, new jobs will be created, linked to the creation, maintenance and development of the robots themselves. This may be the moderate and common scenario in which we can find those who are in favor of technology, and those who reject the future role of new robots. By the way, for decades the mass production of automobiles has been done with the help of robots. And at the time could have implementation problems, but the market sent. Maybe in the short term the same thing will happen.

In this regard, I highlight two approaches to the reality of the robot, on the one hand by Morgan Stanley, and on the other hand by the International Federation of Robotics. Analysis that reassures and at the same time shows progress towards a new era.Morgan Stanley understands that the robotization of our economies is almost 60 years old:

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