Capgemini:»The current and future state of digital supply chain transformation»

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Barcelona, April 15, 2016.-     AndSoft is very sensitive to the consequences of the current digital business transformation. Our technology platform, e-TMS, is full web and for this reason we are very attentive to any analysis of Internet, big data, digital innovations, and its reflection in the supply chain. Today we bring this report by Capgemini and GT Nexus showing the reaction of managers to the current digital situation.

Executives see a large gap between the current state of digital transformation across their extended global value chains and what they expect to see in just five years from now. Those are the results of a global research study conducted by Capgemini Consulting and GT Nexus. The study surveyed 337 executives from some of the largest global manufacturing and retail organizations from 20 different countries around the world – largely from Europe and North America.

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e-TMS AndSoft: logistics software and transport software, transport and logistics applications

AndSoft Transportation & Logistics Software

logistics software transport software

Barcelona, 21 de enero del 2014.-  Our transport and logistics applications are developed on the most recent and performing standard computer software: HTML5, jQuery, .NET, ASP, C#.It offers an optimal answer to your needs in exchanging data in real time, be it for internal or external resources, as with clients and partners.


  • Open solutions, multi company, multi sites and multi-language
  • Unique data base shared amongst all our applications (same third party data base, hardware, consolidated statistics data base)
  • Easy and secure sharing of internal information (agency, relay points, personal mobile) or external (with clients and suppliers) via a simple web access.
  • Communication with linked applications (social data, finances, technics)
  • Open solutions apt to be interfaced with all editors de general accountancy, mains agents in on board computing…


  • Create your own solution adapted to your needs: add news connections or new modules at all times

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Impresionante Test publicitario de 100 metros: Volvo mueve un megacamión de 300 metros y 750 toneladas

AndSoft Software Gestión Transporte TMS

Barcelona, 13 de abril del 2016.-  Los únicos megacamiones oficiales son los de 25 metros y 60 toneladas. El fabricante de camiones Volvo nos tiene acostumbrados a sorprendentes campañas publicitarias para dar a conocer sus novedades e innovaciones. La más reciente se produjo ayer. ¿Puede un camión mover un tren de contenedores de 300 metros con un peso de 750 toneladas, durante al menos 100 metros?¿. La respuesta en este impresionante cortometraje de 6 minutos: 

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Primer megacamión de 25 metros en circular por España gracias a Grupo Sese,Seat y CIAC

AndSoft Software Gestión Transporte TMS

Barcelona, 5 de abril del 2016.-  Finalmente el megacamión  o megatruck ya es una realidad, porque está circulando por las carreteras españolas el primero. Se han emitido las ventajas y los inconvenientes por todas las partes implicadas en el transporte terrestre de mercancías. Pero lo cierto, es que el camión de 25 metros está en marcha. 

Megacamion seat grupo sese ciac

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¿Una empresa de venta on line debe tener almacén?

The Economist: «The future of computing»

AndSoft Transportation & Logistics Software

Barcelona, April 8, 2016.-  In AndSoft we read the following analysis published by The Economist, considered one of the best economic publications in the world, on developments in the world of computing. Here is a summary and read the whole thing we invite you to visit the website of this media communication prestige.

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