The TMS: The heart of transport in the logistics world

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Author: Víctor Vilas, Director of Business Development, @victorvilasmatz

Barcelona, April 20, 2015.-  Each day the added requirements in logistics means that the actors of the chain need to be more competitive not only in their prices but also in precision, shared control and quality in the final delivery. As manufacturers of TMS’s (Transportation Management Systems) we detected a long time ago that the differentiating values that our system required in the past century are just the minimum requisites in any self-respecting competitive system. New formulas of control, of cost savings, of visibility for the client and for the recipient, multifaceted elements of analysis (as required by the present tendency of work with Big Data) are to be considered. These are the formulas that the main manufacturers in Europe are developing so that our clients can always bring the best technology to their clients and them to their recipients. 

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EL TMS: El corazón del transporte en el mundo logístico

AndSoft Software Gestión Transporte TMS

AndSoft en Especial Software Transporte y Logística Diario del Puerto

Autor: Víctor Vilas, Director Desarrollo de Negocio AndSoft, @victorvilasmatz, escrito para su publicación hoy  en Especial Software Transporte y Logística del Diario del Puerto. 

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Europa y Estados Unidos podrían estar conectadas por carretera: 21.000 kms a la espera de presupuesto y financiación

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Carretera 21.000 kms entre Europa y Estados Unidos

Barcelona, 13 de abril del 2015.- ¿Qué impacto tendría para el transporte terrestre mundial de mercancías la unión de Europa y Estados Unidos por una carretera de 21.000 kms?. El planteamiento de este proyecto colosal es de un empresario ruso y así información el Diario Vasco de sus pretensiones, aún preliminares:

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What advantages will HTTP / 2, a major revision of the Web’s protocol?

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Madrid, 7 april, 2015.- Mark Nottingham, Chair the IETF HTTP Working Group and am a member of the W3C TAG (Usually write here about the Web, protocol design, HTTP, and caching)  announced a few weeks ago: «The IESG has formally approved the HTTP/2 and HPACK specifications, and they’re on their way to the RFC Editor, where they’ll soon be assigned RFC numbers, go through some editorial processes, and be published». 

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