Supply Chain Consultants: “Today is the perfect time to invest in IT: ERP, WMS, TMS”

TMS Transportation Management System e-TMS

AndSoft Transportation & Logistics Software

Madrid, Jan 21, 2015.-   AndSoft has selected two analyzes of Supply Chain and TMS, published by experts in recent days. We share with you for your interest and for comment. Tom Wrobleski is executive vice president of industry supply chains at Chainalytics. Recently he has published the following analysis on upcoming challenges of Supply Chain:

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Lector de #RSS: 1.000 periódicos en uno y gratis (pero con fecha de caducidad)

Grupo Reputación Corporativa

Madrid, 19 de enero del 2015.- Durante el siglo XX una actividad que formaba parte de la identidad de una persona era llevar el periódico del día doblado bajo el brazo. Según el diario, se podía adivinar parte de las ideas políticas y culturales del portador. Hoy, las tecnologías de la información, permiten consultar cualquier periódico del mundo, revista, blogs y webs a través de un sólo lector (agregador) de RSS. Según definición de Wikipedia:

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AndSoft implements APP SmartPOD to the “SmarTrack” technology the for the Logistics Operator Victransa

AndSoft Transportation & Logistics Software

AndSoft implements APP SmartPOD to the “SmarTrack” technology the for the Logistics Operator Victransa

Paris, Jan 11, 2015.- The number of SmartPhones in the world is now larger than the number of people (7.000 million people), according to a study done by Ericsson. Logistics Operator are more aware of this reality and they need to inform their clients and communicate with them through these mobile devices. Faced with this reality, AndSoft developed two years ago the “SmarTrack” solution. This system enables the drivers, be they own drivers or subcontracted, to check pickups and deliveries, declare incidents, capture signatures or use any formula that can be configured in a global or specific manner for the client. This is applicable to any form of transport.

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Los 10 “secretos” de la comunicación logística

Eurostat: «Cloud computing services used by one out of every five enterprises in the EU28»

AndSoft Transportation & Logistics Software

Paris, Jan, 07, 2015.-  Instead of building their own IT infrastructure, enterprises have the possibility to access computing resources hosted by third parties on the internet. This shared pool of resources is most commonly known as “cloud computing”. As cloud computing services are delivered on-line, enterprises must have internet access to be able to use them, which was the case in 2014 for almost all enterprises (97%) employing 10 persons or more in the EU28.

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