Is the supply chain digital sales will be developed only by competition between Amazon, Alibaba and Rakuten?

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Paris, December 10, 2014.- Know how much dollars you can check e-commerce in just 24 hours last cybermonday?. During Cyber Monday Online sales (2014) last Reached 2,000 billion, the first time in history that figure is achieved in a single day, and excluding sales made via Mobile. Consumers via «desktop» spent 17% last year and during the weekend of developments in the total you spent 26% more than in 2013. For the first time Americans Have Spent more than 2, 000 billion online in a single day según an analysis by comScore.

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Is there eternal battery for smartphone, tablet and laptop?

Barcelona, December 4, 2014.- It is frustrating to see the rapid advance of computer hardware and software computing, but have to charge every 24 hours our mobile devices. A situation that will intensify with smart watches (and electric cars). As happened with those bulbs that lasted decades would be chargeable battery whose cycle load was at least weeks, not hours. Perhaps no longer seek the finest smartphone, less weight, more functional operating system. Perhaps we need not hang our professional lives of a charger handy and free electrical outlet. Is there eternal battery?.

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